My Adventures and Misadventures with RC Planes


All movies were filmed by my wife using a Sony DCR-TRV103 Digital-8 camcorder. Editing was done by me in Pinnacle Studio 8.

Slow Stick

The Slow Stick is actually the second plane I bought - I bought the E-Starter (see below) first, but after doing some research at RC Groups decided to leave it in its box and buy the Slow Stick as a first plane. I'm glad I did - although the E-Starter is not a hard plane to fly, the Slow Stick is almost foolproof. Here's my first and second flights with the Slow Stick. As you can see, the first flight was pretty short - even so it was 50% longer than the Wright Brother's first flight! The second flight was much better - I had an absolute blast!


After playing around with the Slow Stick for a while, I put together the E-Starter aileron trainer I'd originally bought - here's the video of the maiden flight (watch out for the somewhat abrupt landing) and the second flight I did (with an awesome deadstick landing after the battery cut out.)

Death of a Tiger Moth

I bought a GWS Tiger Moth and put it together... unfortunately I think I put too heavy a battery pack in it - the wings collapsed on it's maiden flight - broke right through the foam just past the bottom wing reinforcement.

The Tiger Moth's first and last flight - MPG (4.8M) WMV (1.2M)

Carbon Falcon

The same day I maidened and destroyed the Tiger Moth, I also maidened a Carbon Falcon This is a really nice flying wing design which is built to be well-nigh indestructible - just carbon fiber and nylon ripstop.

The reciever I put into the CF failed the range test, so I replaced it with the reciever in the defunct Tiger Moth - this time the range check succeeded, and it flew! A very nice plane - reliable flight characteristics, easy to control, and when we did hit the ground at high speed, we'd just have to push things back into place and be flying again within a couple minutes. Definitely a recommended plane.

The maiden flight of the Carbon Falcon - MPG (19M) WMV (4.8M)

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